Enniskillen– Higher Bridges Gallery(2013)


Art is Bielicki’s first language.  He uses it to survive and to seal the “time frame”, sharing experiences with friends and communicating with the wider world.

He finds his work all consuming, and when he is not painting, he is thinking about painting. His inspiration comes from constant thoughts and images, which he sees as both a blessing and a curse.

Bielicki believes art is the last bastion of freedom and the paramount step in human history…He is preoccupied with intimate male / female relationships and usually works in oil on canvas.Creating away from the controls of authority, parents, teachers and spouses driven by the inner force.

Originally from   Brodnica in Poland, he draws on a wide range of influences including Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock and Polish artists  Lukasz Zulawski,Jozef Chelmonski.(to name just a few)…